Once the campaign’s concept, art direction, and copy are in place – a large part of the mix is to produce emotive and memorable video content, which will live upon a range of platforms.

International filming

I am an international creative video director: From full scale location filming to smaller scale shoots, I enjoy the unique challenge of each project, and always maximise the resources available. I work in a number of contexts: As a producer / director, promo director, or managing several crews on very large productions.

Having worked with local crews worldwide, I have identified the importance of effective collaborative communication, and understanding and respecting each team’s unique approach to filmmaking in relation to one’s own.

Studio Shoots

Working on a range of studio shoots including green screen, I always begin with an organised pre-production time, to ensure that all possibilities can be negotiated in advance, and ensure a smooth and efficient shoot day. I believe that the – overall battle is often won or lost in pre-production.

Typically I work alongside specialist crew and operators, but when budgets don’t permit – I’m a very capable self shooting director, video editor, and colourist.


The story is made in the edit. I complete my work in a fast, and creative manner, and thrive on developing dynamic stories. I believe that every film must communicate the core message clearly, whilst engaging and entertaining the viewer.

In collaboration with video editors, I always strive to produce unique and emotive stories. This process usually begins with writing an editing script, shaping the edit, adding engaging voice over, and selecting the relevant music. It’s a collaborative process, that includes the input of the series producer, or the client’s creative department.

“Andrew is very good, very committed, works hard and can grasp stories quickly.”

Sabrina Ferro, Production Manager, North One

“Andrew’s an excellent series producer, he managed a very large crew, and re-invented the format.”

Lyndal Davis, Exec Producer, ASF
“No two projects are ever the same, this requires great planning, creativity and problem solving skills.”
Andrew Carolan, Producing
“Planning, creativity, and understanding the audience – are all key to my success.”
Andrew, Directing

Some of the things I do

I oversee the production process through many steps




Video Editing

Colour Grading

Visual Effects

Motion Graphics

2D Animation

3D Animation

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